Desert Nights, AVAILABLE NOW!

Desert Nights is a story of obsession, about the various substances that can hijack the mind, be it love, drugs or rock and roll. Tiny Huff jumps headlong into all three and finds out how hard it is to break free of obsession, and how deadly-determined those around her are to keep her hooked and complacent.  A psychological thriller about a woman attempting to reconcile her past while struggling to survive a brutal, uncertain present.

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When Heaven Calls, Second Edition, Sakura Publishing, 2013

Currently out of print.

When Heaven Calls is about mystery, sex, the power to heal, the ability to fly, and the consequences of not loving another. The story revolves around two characters, Gregor and Leila, who each have lived their lives without finding a way to connect to anyone because of the unexpected abilities they hide from the world. When these two finally meet each other, a kindred bond is formed, but will it last?


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